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The Children of Artemis

Witchfest Events

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The Objectives of The Children of Artemis

To promote an ethical approach to Wicca, in accordance with the wiccan rede "An it harm none, do what you will"

To present a truthful and accurate view of Wicca/Witchcraft to the outside world.

To promote understanding of the beliefs of Wicca & Witchcraft, which are:

* We attempt to live by the Wiccan rede, not harming anyone or anything by our actions (or lack of them).
* We take personal responsibility for our actions.
* We always attempt to respect and live in harmony with nature.
* We view divinity as both male and female, in the form of the Goddess and God. We extend this view of equality to our everyday lives.
* We view magic as an intrinsic part of this world, a completely natural and neutral force.
* We never seek to convert others, only providing information and assistance if they actively seek it.
* We view Wicca or Witchcraft as one spiritual path chosen by some, other religions are equally valid for those that choose them. Hence we always attempt to practice tolerance to others beliefs.

Online shop - www.witchcraft.org/shop
Witchfest event - www.witchfest.net
Dating Site - www.witchdating.com

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Augast - The Artemis Gathering - http://www.witchfest.net/artemis_gathering.htm
Nov - Witchfest International - http://witchfest.net/wf_international.htm
Dec -Yule Party - coming soon....

Children of Artemis Gatherings are held in the Green Room at Fairfield Halls, Croydon, Surrey UK on the 3rd thursday of every month, Start Time 7.30pm entry £2


20th September - Croydon CoA Witches Gathering
25th October - Samhain Witches Sabbat

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